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Comfort Clipboard Lite 5.0


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Description of
Comfort Clipboard Lite
Comfort Clipboard is a safe clipboard manager. Now you don`t have to worry that copying one thing will erase something else! It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste any selected fragment again. The clipboard contents will be saved, even in the case of a system crash or power failure. Best of all, Comfort Clipboard supports all known data formats, including text, graphics, Rich Text Format, HTML, Excel, etc.

Key Features:

+ Comfort Clipboard supports all known data formats: text, graphics, Rich Text Format, HTML, Excel Format etc.
+ It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste the selected fragment again.
+ With Comfort Clipboard, you will always be sure that the clipboard contents will be saved, even in the case of a power failure or a system crash.
+ You will gain full control over your clipboard.
+ Also Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 2008.
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate
Comfort Clipboard Lite
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Author: Comfort Software Group
License: Shareware
Price: $9.95
File Size: 2.4 MB
Downloads: 75

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